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About Us (Submissions)

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W.E. is NOW OPEN to New Unique and Open Minded Authors who aren't afraid to do more than one thing.

Submissions are...OPEN (but limited) to those who respect what we do and to those who really want to join our team. 

We accept and publish stories written in Spanish.

We are accepting and creating project ideas to help as many people as we can either through words, images and website.We enjoy working on nearly impossible challenges. We care because you care.

We reject poetry books, but we can make exceptions from time to time.

About Us: Written Expressions, LLC is in no shape or form a self-publisher or vanity press. We will never charge a fee to the author to make their dreams come true.

W.E. is created by a group of authors who love writing as much as you do. We  only publish in e-book format until further notice.

Your manuscript doesn't have to be completed in able for us to work with you, however, you must be willing to work with us. 

Please be aware that your work might be translated to Spanish or go into print. Your work will always be edited.

Although, Written Expressions is not so  new anymore, we still strive for quality and success. Here, the reader and the author are the two most important people in the world, writing is king and working together is the key. If you think Written Expressions is for you, welcome home.

Warning: Just because we are this lenient with authors, terrible writing and relaying on us to perform miracles with your impossible to edit work will not be allowed. You must come with a good writing background, even if you are still new at writing. You must work with us at all times or we will drop you and your work if your writing becomes problematic or you disrespect us. However, if you would like to be given a chance, we can make an exception, just e-mail us at store @ querying about when we are going to open our submissions. If after we explain to you how we really work and what we are about, and you accept us unconditionally we might do the same with you smiley Yes, we are nice people smileysmiley